Reduce fraud by up to 90%

Managed Risk

reduce fraud by up to 90% - independent of the software in use

We fight fraud for you and increase the user experience of your genuine customers. With our analytics and data science tools, we increase your checkout and payment conversion, while reducing chargebacks.

less fraud, more conversion


revenue protection

We help online merchants to reduce fraud significantly. For all markets and all products.


conversion boost

Risk solutions are configured too strictly. Accept more customers and increase your checkout conversion by up to 25%.


manual review reduction

Risk agents are reviewing too many orders. We reduce review effort and let you focus on the real cases.


we are the risk management experts

anlyx protecting merchants from fraud since 2013

protecting merchants against fraud since 2013

We manage the risk setups of leading brands and small merchants around the globe. Our experts in analytics, data science and software engineering configure your fraud engines for best conversion-to-risk ratio.

anlyx identifying risk patterns

identifying risk patterns

Be always aware of fraudsters' latest attack schemes. Monitor how fraud patterns are changing and let our Fraud Prevention Teams adjust your risk strategy accordingly.

annex using advanced technology for facilitating business data

using advanced technology for facilitating business data

With our powerful Analytics Framework you extend your payment and risk capabilities. This will not only boost your conversion, but will also give you more insights into ePayment, CRM data and omnichannel activities.

how it works


Loading the Data

You deliver the data, we connect with it. No separate integration needed. Don't worry about data privacy: we are GDPR-compliant.


Feeding the Models

Our Analytics Framework processes all inputs and immediately delivers first insights on your risk management performance.


Automated Pattern Recognition

Our extensive Pattern Library illuminates dozens of fraud patterns automatically, revealing the weak spots in your current setup.


Deep Dive Analyses

Our Analytics and Data Science team investigates complex fraud activities in detail by applying machine learning approaches.


Configuring Your Systems

Based on our analyses, we suggest configurations of your risk management settings. Applicable for Score Cards and Machine Learning models.

our service packages

fraud improvement audit

If you want to try out our service

upon request

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What you get:

  • One-time check-up for your risk management setup with findings and recommendations
  • Illuminate the weaknesses in your current setup
  • Compare your performance to our benchmark

most popular

managed risk

For medium-sized companies

upon request

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What you get:

  • Quarterly review and optimization for your risk management systems - less fraud, more conversion
  • Alerting system for detecting fraudulent activities in early stages
  • Regular performance reports and benchmark comparison

dedicated resource

For merchants facing massive fraud

upon request

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What you get:

  • Dedicated resource for supporting your team
  • Benefit from anlyx' extensive knowledge in payment analytics, tools and algorithms
  • Optional on-site support worldwide