Manages Risk

Built for better claim handling

reduce goodwill claims, while increasing NPS

Assess goodwill claims faster and with higher confidence. Providing customer service with more time for better support while reducing fraud.

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up to 25% less goodwill credit

Stop fraudsters who are exploiting customer service with illegitimate claims


80% less time spent on reviews

Having all neccessary information in one place, cases can be processed in no time


20% higher NPS through better support

Reducing claim reviews gives your agents more time to focus on customer needs

„With anlyx' anti-fraud platform we can not only reduce our payouts, but also provide a better customer experience to our loyal shoppers. To see claims going down and NPS going up is very rewarding.

Marko Ivanovic
Product Lead Payments,

solving the problem of granting goodwill to the right customers


identify customers correctly

Get a 360-degree-view on your caller's shopping history. See at a glance if the consumer's activity is genuine or fraudulent


assess risks automatically

Help your agents assess claims faster by quantifying a caller's trustworthiness with AI.

start blocking return fraud today

anlyx protecting merchants from fraud since 2013

less fraud thanks to clear recommendations

Do not let your agents conduct investigations they are not trained for. Instead, provide them with a tool that gives them profound suggestions how to handle claims. 

anlyx identifying risk patterns

consumer history at a glance

Provide your team with all relevant information in one place. Reduce the effort for looking up information in different tools.

annex using advanced technology for facilitating business data

set clear rules for your team

Define your own set of criteria for accepting and rejecting goodwill claims.

Connect seamlessly with your customer service tool of choice.

Use our stand-alone solution, API or custom integration.


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