About anlyx

our mission

Our mission is to fight online fraud and drain criminals from their income sources, making online shopping safer – for consumers and merchants alike. 

About Anlyx

our roots

anlyx was born 2013, when risk management meant “looking up customer records in Excel files”.  
Our founders realized, that recognizing patterns in shopper behavior is key for predicting fraud. And that the best results will be achieved, when algorithms are combined with human experience and creativity. 

why anlyx

Innovation starts whenever multiple disciplines collide. Therefore, we don't believe in specialists with a distinct field of expertise.

Our analysts, developers, consultants and data scientists originate from different industries with various backgrounds. Bringing together deep technical knowledge, mathematical proficiency and a clear business focus.

Since 2013 many large and small merchants have decided to join our fight against fraud. Among them are 7 of Germany’s DAX30 companies.